Experience an authentic piece of haunted American history.

Your tour takes place aboard a genuine World War II merchant cargo ship that transported supplies during three wars and returned to our shores with the bodies of fallen American soldiers killed in action.

But… some of these disembodied brave men have never disembarked the ship!

  • In 1947 a chief mate died aboard the S/S American Victory. Crewmen that still live today witnessed his death. But, there is no record. Why?
  • The Grey Lady’s final grim task during her last mission in the Korean War was to transport home 147 dead soldiers. Do the spirits of some of these heroes still inhabit the ship’s cargo hold…their final place of “unrest”?
  • Learn of the murdered British sailor who roams the old ‘Banana Dock’s’ and Pier 6. Why does he linger and what is he looking for? Has he made the Old Grey Lady his permanent home? Is the light sometimes seen moving on the deck of the ship his lantern?

There is no way to predict that you will encounter the paranormal. Of course, there is no way to know you won’t. The best captures on the Old Grey Lady have been photographic. We suggest you bring a camera or have your phone cameras ready! Our promise to you is an informative and entertaining journey investigating the depths of the haunted S/S American Victory.

In the early days of World War II, German U Boats controlled the seas. They patrolled the shipping lanes to Europe and cut off essential supplies to the Allies.

In order to foil the German subs, Victory Ships, which could cruise at up to 17 knots – enough to outrun the German fleet – were built. One of these was the SS American Victory and today she is one of only four Victory Ships remaining.

She served her country well until 1969, hauling needed materials around the globe.

She could outrun our enemies. But could she outrun her haunted history?

That is up to you to decide.

Come aboard on a scheduled haunted exploration of the S/S American Victory. She sits docked, waiting for you, in the Channelside District, next to downtown Tampa. Reservations are required and the size of the tours is limited. Make your reservation, today. If you dare.

Location and Directions

The S/S American Victory is conveniently located in Tampa’s burgeoning Channel District, at 705 Channelside Drive, behind the Florida Aquarium.

The ship can be accessed through the Florida Aquarium or by walking east along Cumberland Avenue, just north of the Aquarium and off the traffic circle. The ship is easily accessible by car or the Hartline Streetcar system.

To schedule a tour call: